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08 September 2009 @ 02:45 pm
Errr ok, this space is really old. I'm moved at:

24 November 2007 @ 09:19 pm
Hei people! D: I'm not dead, really :°°
Anyway, I LIKE SAINT SEIYA, really, especially Mu <3

14 September 2007 @ 11:08 pm
This Monday I'll start the school, pray for me please.
I like go to the school, but but, if the stupid professours will unite my classroom with the section b, my life will be an..an HELL! oh yes. I don't say you the motivations, is too long and I'm tired.
ANYWAY, tomorrow is the birthday of my sweety love Fill *__* and I'll go to his city <3<3
For the Air Exhibition, yes I've finished all works, and one of this works is is really horrible, because i've worked on it with hurry and sadness XD...OH YES! I'm working on my comic,  do  you remember Double Forces? OH YESH I'm working on the screenwriting, and on the settei (settei is the study of the character :3 if you don't know). For now I haven't a finished settei, but  I hope that I can show you some settei of the characters X3.
è__é ANNDDDDD now do you remember thiis?? ooh yes 8D

Remember me an artbook ò_ò isn't it? But is only a sketchbook XDDDDDD

Current Music: Hironobu Kageyama - Soldier Dream
11 September 2007 @ 12:02 am
Today 11 Sectember.
We must remember the people that are stay victim in this day.
Sorry for my english.
10 September 2007 @ 03:19 pm
Abingdon Boys School, also if the vocalist is a fusion with Harry Potter and Austin Power ò__ò'''' but he have a cool voice *ççç*!! For this moment Howling is my favorite song (mmh from a week XD) I WANT USE IT for my comic Double Forces (yes I've changed the name from Machine Melody to Double Forces, thanks to Akachan XD

05 September 2007 @ 07:41 pm
People I'm back from Wish's house, XDDD NOW I AM REALLY HAPPY WITH ALL WORLD....
peace and love people....*kill*
Anyway, D: I'VE MAKE TWO DRAWIINGSS, impossible? no, isn't impossible,
I show youuuu one of the mascottes from J-wings Sosuke, is really uke.
Agh, but I can't show you the second work because if for the air exhibition X°D, I KNOW that you don't want see my works, but i'm feel good when i post my woorks çOç

22 August 2007 @ 12:18 pm
Always in artist block.......MEHHH D:

21 August 2007 @ 05:50 pm
XD I'M NOT a good artist, but i'm in the famous ARTIST BLOCK -_-''..so i'm really sad because for now i haven't made one of three works for the exhibition..*screeam*.
Why the artist block? ò_ò for the hot days? for my stupid brain?? Oh help me to discover the reason!
But now  is a cool time ò__ò is cloudy, the time is freeesh, yesterday has rainy but was always hot .-.
D: AND NOOOW maybe i'll make a....decent work, yes I HOPE XD, maybe the AliceNine help me with their music? .___. oh no, I prefere my sweeets Franz Ferdinand :3 (*killing anatomy...or anatomy is killing me ò_ò)
-____- UAHUAHUAH in this work there is a ZEPPELIN!! <3 but the zeppelin make me fear ..ò_ò' i'm strange yes :3 but the zeppelin is really scary ç__ç with his strange form..brrr for me will be an hard adventure to make it, u_u and i have my valorous knight Alphonse Elric, XD he'll protect meee from the scary zeppelin!!!!

Current Music: Alice Nine - Jewels
16 August 2007 @ 11:23 pm
Also today i'm sad, but now I know the reason, and i can't tell you this...sorry ^^', but today i've make a sketch for the sky exhibition, i've abandoned the work with the twins, <_< i'm porcupine about drawings :°D, i'm stupid, i know this...lol.
Well, i haven't others comment, because i'm watchin a film with Schwarzenegger, i <3 this man..XD (I LOVE TERMINATOR ò__ò) but in this film Silvester Stallone is TERMINATOR! XD loool, so crazy!

Aviator Angel..ò_ò' (..oh god today I've watched 5 films! XD Last Action, Birth Girl, DogVille, Mystic River, and other film with michael j.fox, and i don't remember the name ...mmh is about ghosts..ò__ò...)

14 August 2007 @ 01:06 pm
;D Yesterday I've started a work for the sky exhibition, with Salem and Walter (...D: ), and NOW i've discovered my new lover MIKA! don't hate me, XD but but..Mika have the Salem's VOICE! O___O!! i can't believe it, but is perfect for him!!! in this last hours i'm daydreaming Salem that sing Grace Kelly X°DDD is so scream but amazing too...(....ç_ç damn you! nd Salem), and Walter have the voice of Bill from TokioHotel..ah I HATE TOKIO HOTEL! But not all songs are orrible, mmh any songs are nice, <_< don't jump is nice (ò__ò i'm not a stupid KID! nd Walter). ANYWAY! I'm happy, maybe for the 24 Agoust I'll go to Wish's House ;D (the boosssss of J-wings with Akachan è___é/, but isn't sure at 100% *cry*, but I'm always happy because Akachan coming to me for this Friday ;D!!!!

Tadaan my work in progress, for now I've inked only Salem (with Painter)

Current Music: Grace Kelly - Mika (XD)